Great leak protection

For more security

Independent tests in accordance with DIN 13222:2015-03 "Absorption capacity of absorbent incontinence aids until leakage - Test method for measuring the suction capacity by use of a test torso" attest excellent performance figures to the BetterDry 10 products. DIN 13222 is the most realistic test to determine the real-life performance of incontinence aids.

Soft plastic backsheet

For great wearing comfort

Our plastic film is soft and slightly elastic. It does not allow moisture to escape and contains smells. The smooth surface prevents chafing. Chafing on the inside of the legs can occur with cotton-feel backsheets.

Extra large tapes

For a secure fit

Our second-chance tapes are extra large to offer an extra large adhesive surface area. This ensures that everything stays where it belogs.

High leak barriers

Leakage protection for side sleepers

The high leak barriers together with the stretchy elastic leg gathers ensure extra safety for side sleepers. The high leak barriers are also perfect for using booster pads.

Manufacturing in Europe

Quality and sustainability

Our products are manufactured in the European Union and most of the components we use are also made in the EU. This helps us guarantee consistently quality and the short transport routes are easier on the environment.

Excellent odor protection

Modern components

Our products use modern, high-quality superabsorber that is made in Europe. The superabsorber is excellent at keeping skin dry and preventing odors from developing.


From users for users

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Roger C. from the United Kingdom

“Perfect Product at last. [...] BetterDry which provides TOTAL night-time protection for the first time.”

Ray from the United Kingdom

“Simply the best! I've been using these nappies as my go-to overnight protection for over a year, and the are by far the best! [...]”

Danny from the United States of America

“[...] I am a side sleeper and out of all the nighttime heavy wetting diapers these are the best!!!! [...]”

Ian from the United States of America

“[...] If you are a heavy wetter and want maximum security, I would highly recommend BetterDry diapers!”




Can I pick my order up at your warehouse?

Pick up at our warehouse is, unfortunately, not possible due to logistical reasons.

How do I use the tape tabs correctly?

The tape tabs must not get in contact with cream, powder, etc. Using too much cream may also damage the standing leak guards. The plastic backsheet must be completely clean where the tape tabs are applied.

To apply the tape tabs lift both tapes (blue and white) from the rear part of the product through pulling on the blue tab. Apply the blue tape tab to the front of the product. The lower tape tabs should be applied above the bending area of the thighs and point slightly upwards. The upper tape tabs should be applied so that they point slightly downwards. After applying the tape tabs rub them briefly to achieve maximum adhesion.

To open and refasten the product, lift the white tape tabs off the blue tape tabs. When re-fastening the product, re-apply the white tapes to the blue tape tabs that remained on the front of the product.